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Locksmith Services for Landlords

Locksmith for Landlords

Of course we offer the same services to landlords as we do to private home owners, so what's different about Interlocked, and why should you choose us?
We have carried out works for a number of landlords and find that you tend to have a lot going on in your life that makes it difficult to arrange times for an appointment to meet - especially if the house is currently vacant. We can offer later/weekend appointments to help accommodate for your busy schedule.  We can also do a key pick up/drop off if you live within our service area.

When having a change of tenant you never know if they have copies of the keys, and this can be a concern for not only you, but new tenants. The cylinders we fit come with a code that you need to have to be able to get new keys cut. Without this code you cannot get any new keys cut (anywhere!) This means that if you give a tenant 3 keys, and get 3 back when they move out, you are guaranteed that there cannot be any extra keys out there.

Our no hourly rates, and no call-out fees, means no worries. You don't have to worry about things taking longer than expected as it wont cost you anything extra and as we price per job, it means you could be saving money, especially if you're getting multiple jobs done at once. 

Gain Entry

Whether your tenant is locked out of the house or hasn't given you keys back, or you've lost the keys to a padlock, we aim to get you back in as quickly as possible, and will always attempt to do so with non-destructive methods. This means you can continue to use the same keys should they have accidentally left them inside!

Replacement Glazing

Misted or broken window? looking for privacy glass? Need a cat-flap in a glass door? We can measure up and quote for a replacement glass unit in a range of ratings and styles.

PVCu/Composite Repair

Got a scratch on your composite door? Screw holes in your window frame? Why not have us take a look for a low-cost, but highly effective repair

Window and Door Repairs

If your door or window is not opening and closing properly we can make adjustments, fully replace the hinges, or anything else that may need doing to get your doors and windows back to full working order. 

Security Upgrades

From upgrading your locks, to adding additional locks to doors and windows, we have you covered. For sash jammers, window restrictors, door chains, restricted window hinges and more, give us a call.

Free Security Survey

What could be better than a 100% free assessment of the security of your home? How about 10% off any recommended work undertaken as a result! 
In our assessment we will also take a look at all the current locks on your home and give you honest advice secure they are. 

Replace/Fit Locks

Of course, what kind of locksmith would we be if we didn't replace current, or fit new locks? So give us a call whether you're moving in to a new house, have lost your keys, or just looking to upgrade or add to your existing locks.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Of course, our experienced locksmith offers a 24-hour emergency service if you or your tenant has been locked out of the house (or hasn’t returned your keys!). We’ll always attempt to use non-destructive methods so that if the keys have been left inside, you’ll be able to continue to use the same pair with no replacement locks. Our 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency locksmith is always on call to help you in a timely manner during an urgent situation.

Internal doors

We also provide locks and handles for internal doors. So if you're renting rooms and need locks fitting to internal doors, let us know!

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